“Socialist maggot?”

I have gotten some really ugly emails during the 20 plus years I have been on cable news.  Some ugly emails are from the left and some ugly emails from the right and they can even be about the same interview.  Both sides of the political spectrum can be very busy on their keyboards.   Ugly emails and comments go with the territory and everyone in the media and public eye gets them.  We are all ‘big boys and big girls’ and realize that these emails – rather than the substantive ones – say so much more about the sender than the recipient.

Last night I got an email from a viewer who apparently thought I could get more information from Secretary Clinton in 15 minutes about Benghazi than a Senate Committee and House Committee could get in 10 hours of testimony so he thought it was appropriate to write me an email and call me a “socialist maggot.”

This same emailer was apparently not interested in the fact or didn’t know that we did discuss that Egypt is on the verge of collapse which will have a catastrophic impact on the Mid East, Syria is executing civilians and the crisis there is growing by the minute, Iran is moving forward with a nuclear weapons program that, as Secretary Kissinger has said will “change the course of history,” our economic sanctions program and whether it is working, whether USA should go back to Benghazi and whether our diplomats in other countries are safe,  and we discussed the fact women in Afghanistan are facing an uncertain (and distressing, in my view) future as the USA withdraws…..all topics I did discuss with Secretary Clinton in the short 15 minutes.

Frankly, I did have other topics I did not get to because of  the 15 minute time limitation – our growing use of drones to spy on other countries, the new program of drones in West Africa, Mali and terrorism, Al Qaeda, North Korea and its nuclear weapons program, our dreadful economic situation which is a national security risk, Russia’s unwillingness to help us in Syria and much more.  I didn’t even have a chance to ask the 2016 question but I figured others at othe networks would and I could thus watch the answer there.

So even this “socialist maggot” is disappointed because the world is a big place, with much danger…and there are many topics in the 15 minutes I would have liked to have discuss with the outgoing Secretary.  She could not give me more since she was giving every network the equal amount of time and there are many networks.  I decided (and did) address the most urgent issues with potential immediate danger that I have not heard discussed recently.