Check out the news OTR legal panel member Ted Williams sent me! It is news about Judge Reggie Walton!

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Congratulations to Judge Reggie Walton!

Below is the info Ted sent me about Judge Walton…but the news is of particular interest to Ted and me since we have known Judge Walton for years but in very different capacities.  Ted and Reggie (I call him Judge Walton) are best friends.  I have known Judge Walton for years professionally.  Before he became a Federal Judge, he was a Judge on the Superior Court for the District of Columbia and I appeared before him many times.  I tried serious felony cases before him.

He was known in the courthouse for the extremely stern lectures he would give the teenage boys who got charged with juvenile offenses and appeared before him in juvenile court.   He would tell the teenage boys what happens when they commit offenses as adults and go to prison  – instead of committing offenses as juveniles and going to juvenile detention.  Judge Walton’s lecture was extremely stern (even scared the lawyers!) and he was attempting to give the juvenile offenders the cold reality in hope that the terrifying information would get them on the straight path.  He really cared about the juveniles who appeared before him.

“Chief Justice John Roberts has appointed Reggie B. Walton as Chief Judge of the United States Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court effective February 22, 2013. Judge Walton is the first African American to hold this post.”