President Obama apparently thinks the law does not apply to him – click and read


“…By law, the president is required to submit a budget request to Congress for the upcoming fiscal year by the first Monday of February. The only time Obama met the deadline during his presidency was in 2011…”  CLICK HERE for the FULL STORY

NOTE from me:  I don’t get it.  I meet my deadlines.  I bet you do, too.  I don’t know if other Presidents likewise blew off this deadline as if they were King (and if they did, shame on them) — but what is the point of a legal deadline if it is disregarded?  And by the President of the United States?  If a President has no respect for a law…why should others?  And, from the ABC story linked above, this is not a one time deal with the President.  President Obama has failed before to meet this deadline — in fact, he has only met it once.  What do you think?