Should a Missouri doctor be fired for her Facebook rant about a patient?


A Missouri OB/GYN is in hot water after posting this rant about a patient on her Facebook page:

Word of Dr. Amy Dunbar of Mercy Medical Center’s post made it’s way to the clinic’s moms-to-be Facebook page, where many called for Dr. Dunbar to be fired. Mercy Medical Center has not fired Dr. Dunbar and released this statement:

“Our physician leadership has already called Dr. Dunbar. Her comments were definitely inappropriate. We are also reviewing them to determine if they violated privacy issues, etc. That process requires a more thorough review, but we will determine the appropriate response as quickly as possible. In the meantime, know that our physician organization holds its members to the highest standards and strives to improve our service and clinical care through that process.”

So what do you think? Should Dr. Dunbar be fired for her Facebook post or not? Sound off!