Speaker Boehner says no to the sequester delay – see FNC Chad Pergram note below

Urgent: Boehner opposes delaying sequester
Per Pergram-Capitol Hill

Most topics on the sequester. Also material on Postal Service.

* Boehner says Republicans “are a minority party here in Washington.”

Boehner: Washington desparately needs some adult leadership

Boehner: The president doesn’t believe we have a spending problem.

Boehner on if Senate can’t pass major bills on immigration, guns, a budget, et al:
This is how the legislative process was designed to be inefficient and difficult….

At the start of every Congress, there’s a lot of scar tissue to carry over on those bills….you have to figure out the common ground.

Boehner on the sequester:
I don’t like the sequester. It’s taking a meat axe to defense.

Boehner on fixing the sequester:
We know what the meny of options are.

* Boehner also says he would oppose a delay in the sequester:

Boehner on delaying sequester:
They decided to move the sequester to March. Now the president is trying to move the sequester out further.

At some point, they have to get this spending problem under control. I’ve watched them kick this can down the road for 22 years now.

Boehner on the Postal Service:
I know Issa Is interested in moving Postal reform. I would hope Congress would move in a timely fashion.

Boehner on USPS:
I think trying to act in this Postal area is pretty difficult.

Congress in its wisdom has tied their hands to move in a revenue neutral way.

Boehner on fixing USPS:
I hope we will see a bill soon.

Boehner on Cantor’s speech:
I thought Eric did a very nice job yesterday.


Chad Pergram
FOX News
Senior Producer for Capitol Hill