notes from President Bill Clinton’s pep talk to the Democrats (notes from FNC’s Kara Rowland)

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CLINTON speech highlights

I’m very excited about the new members.

Did 133 events in the 2010 election cycle

11:24:16 AM I want you to think about what you want to do in the next two years, where you end up … This is a long struggle.

11:24:50 AM Nothing is permanent (in politics) — talks about GOP reversing some of his policies after he left office

2012 election was about repealing much of the 20th century

11:28:13 AM I want us to worry about the 21st century and how to make the most of it.

We’re in a delicate and paradoxical position…

11:32:08 AM I can’t tell you how many countless nights in the WH after the 1994 election…I thought about the ppl who were defeated bc they voted for the economic plan, the assault weapons ban, etc

Republicans are going to make it very difficult for you to win by negative refrence — need an affirmative agenda of jobs and innovation

Need to act on immigration. And guns, but it has to be done right.

11:34:11 AM We should assume going forward that the ppl who disagree with us … Will not make it as easy for us to draw the contrast as they did last time.

You were elected because ppl thought you were better candidates … And bc ppl didn’t blame our party for conditions they have they didn’t like

The most impotant thing I can tell you is this is a job. It’s a job.

Need to do it and sell it at the same time.

11:37:04 AM Here’s the dilemma. We do have a long term debt problem but that doesn’t mean austerity now is the right approach.

Paul Krugman’s right.

We need a jobs program…we need a strategy to promote innovation, start-up businesses, repatriate money – bring back taxes overseas – keep manufacturing sector expanding.

When I left office one of my regrets was that I didn’t raise more sand about things I wanted to be done … Cites a conversation with Alan Greenspan about regulating derivatives.

I didn’t say as much in public as I did in private bc the R majority at the time didn’t even want to fund the SEC

Sometimes starting the debate is important.

11:44:13 AM Timing is everything.

Need a jobs program and a longer term program to bring down the debt.

Only reason interest on the debt is only 7 right now is bc interest rates are so low – if they were like when I was prez would be 15 pct. Where would you get the other 8?

11:46:23 AM we Democrats own the health reform bill

Was the best you could pass given filibuster in the Senate.

But it really depends how it’s implemented.

I urge you not to walk away from this issue just because a bill was passed.

The Republican answer on health care is to get it off the books – send it to the states

The problem is that things that need to be done are not scoreable — such as making it pay for performance not procedure — applause


I would be as forward-leaning as I can on this issue.

Talks about increasing incentives for immigrants in STEM fields to stay in US


You cannot turn away from them and say oh that’s not our demographic, we have nothing to say to them

11:56:51 AM we got to do something on this. Tells an anecdote about a small-town Arkansas Democrat who knows a gun-collector who isn’t against background checks

It’s important not to give up on anyone — to talk to them

There are people out there who aren’t part of our demographic

Treat these ppl as our friends, our neighbors, as ppl we share a country with

We have to find a way to compare ourselves to the competition without being negative.

12:01:14 PM There’s no reason to be negative about the future.