TIMELINE for tonight’s SOTU [from FNC’s Chad Pergram]

View of the Capitol from Russell Senate Office Building


Note that the Dean of the the Diplomatic Corps is Roble Olhaye (pronounced ROH-blay ohl-HY) from Djibouti (zhuh-BOO-ttee). Being Dean means you are the longest-tenured ambassador to the U.S. from a foreign government. Olhaye has been Dijbouti’s ambassador to Washington since 1988.



8:10 PM

Diplomatic Corps enters House Chamber.

8:25 PM

Chamber lights come to full strength.

8:30 PM

Speaker John Boehner calls the House to order upon the arrival of the Senate. THEN THE POOL WILL BEGIN TO SEND PICTURE.

8:30 PM

Kerri Hanley, Deputy Sergeant at Arms, announces Vice President Joe Biden and the Senate, preceded by its officers. The Speaker calls the Joint Session to order.

8:40 PM

Joint Chiefs enter House Chamber.

8:47 PM

The Speaker and Vice President appoint members from their respective chambers to the Escort Committee for President Barack Obama.

8:50 PM

Dr. Jill Biden is escorted into the Executive Gallery.

8:53 PM

Kerri Hanley, Deputy Sergeant at Arms, announces the Dean of the Diplomatic Corps, the Ambassador of the Republic of Djibouti, His Excellency Roble Olhaye.

8:55 PM

Kerri Hanley, Deputy Sergeant at Arms, announces the Justices of the Supreme Court.

8:57 PM

First Lady Michelle Obama is escorted into the Executive Gallery.

8:59 PM

Kerri Hanley, Deputy Sergeant at Arms, announces the President’s Cabinet.

9:01:30 PM

Paul Irving, House Sergeant at Arms, announces, “Mr. Speaker, the President of the United States.” The Escort Committee leads the President into the Chamber, who shakes hands with members along the center aisle on his way to the rostrum.

9:05 PM

Speaker introduces the President to Senators and Representatives.

9:06 PM

President begins speech.

9:50 PM

President concludes speech.

President proceeds to back of Chamber with Escort Committee.

9:55 PM

President leaves the Chamber followed by the Supreme Court, Cabinet and Diplomatic Corps.

Speaker announces the Joint Session is dissolved and immediately calls the House to order. Majority Leader Eric Cantor offers motion that the message of the President be referred to the Committee of the Whole and ordered printed. Majority Leader moves that the House adjourn.

NOTE: The House lights and mults will remain up until the House adjourns.