See what Senator Rockefeller said about ‘income inequality’ — it is sort of interesting for a Rockefeller to say it

See below notes from FNC’s Kara Rowland from a confirmation. hearing this morning in the US Senate where Mr. Lew is testifying.


I don’t believe the sequester can just be rearranged…the impact would be the same
We need a balanced approach

Like rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic. Just shifting the cuts – you’d have the same overall impact.

It’s not the right policy. Sequester was never meant to go into effect

Sen. Rockefeller
I’ve never understood why Republicans are so against raising revenue…you need it to get anything done. I don’t know if it’s Grover Norquist or what
I need to know you’re on that side

Nobody likes raising taxes…but if the choice is hurting our priorities…need a balanced approach

Income inequality is a vast problem in this country…it’s a disgrace

12:38:52 PM I believe strongly … In having a tax system that contributes less to that. President also mentioned some steps last night

Kara Rowland
Capitol Hill producer, Fox News