We need actual delivery – not to be dazzled

I have read many stories about last night’s speeches by President Obama and Senator Rubio.  You would think from the reports I read, that politics has somehow morphed into American Idol.  Both politicians’ fans loved their speeches and spoke about the speeches as though words and delivery were competence and product.  (In the old American Bandstand days, the speeches would have gotten rated for how easy their speeches were to dance to!)

It is nice that both speeches went well.  I am glad the two did well and I am glad their fans liked what they watched.   When fans  are dazzled, fans are entertained.  There is nothing wrong with entertainment  – that is, when the job is entertainment.  However, the job of politics is not entertainment.

In watching the speeches last night I thought, where is the product?  The people in the room speaking and those there applauding or not applauding can’t even meet deadlines they set for themselves (eg sequester.)  Is that competence?

In picking a president (or any leader), we should not be dazzled (intoxicated?) by words.  That is phoney.  That is making a decision on emotion.

Times are very dangerous – we have an economic crisis and a world where two rogue nations are close to getting nuclear weapons.  This is not about picking a team – this is about making the right decisions.

We need people who can DELIVER — who can get us jobs, make our country safe etc.  Yes, I want to be dazzled – but dazzle me by competence not by words.

The best way to predict who can be the best leader (competent)  – whether it is Mayor or President – is the old fashion way.  It is not by who had a great speech but to examine backgrounds for experience and actual product.  Who would you hire to fix your car? the person who has a REAL history of fixing cars? or someone who tells you that he can?

What do you think?