Why are the numbers on food stamps growing?

Is it because we have identified and found more who need them?

Is it because we have changed the standards for eligibility making more eligibile?

Is it because the economy is getting so much worse that more are eligible?

Is it  because we have been sloppy or incompetent in trying to assist those who get on food stamps to get off them with opportunity?

Are there other reasons?

(And I don’t want to read hate spewed on this posting.  I want you all seriously thinking about this one and not just reacting.  I know many of you have a big heart and don’t want people to starve and I also know that you don’t want food stamps awarded to those who abuse the system.  Our food stamp program is a real issue for us to look at.  Some of you may know people on food stamps and can provide some good information for us to look at the program.)