Broken hearted and extremely depressed? I am disgusted with him

Jesse Jackson, Jr.

Former Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr. may be “extremely depressed” and “broken hearted” per FNC Chad Pergram’s note below, but I am disgusted with him.

 I wanted Congressman Jackson to be a great role model for young people and inspire them to succeed.  He has selfishly done the opposite.  It is disgraceful.  He blew an opportunity to do good.  


Subject: Urgent: Jackson said to be “extemely depressed” and “broken hearted”



Per Pergram-Capitol Hill


Sources tell Fox that the family of former Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr (D-IL) will be in Washington with him next week when he goes to court.


No court appearance today.


We don’t think it is Tuesday…and that the family would be surprised it would be that early.


I am told that the former Congressman is “extremely depressed” and “broken hearted.” Feels “like he’s losing everything.”


Wants to figure out how he can provide for his family.


I have been told that he has tried to keep his wife Sandi out of this. But she implicated herself with purchases on furs, fitness retreats and other luxury items.


Chad Pergram

FOX News

Senior Producer for Capitol Hill