What would YOU say to Dr. Ben Carson’s critics?


Dr. Benjamin Carson caused a big buzz after his speech at the annual National Prayer Breakfast. In fact, he got even more media attention than President Obama! As we showed you last week, the Johns Hopkins neurosurgeon blasted Obamacare right in front of the president. Some called that inappropriate, but Dr. Carson stuck by his right to express his political opinion on “Hannity” tonight, even though he is getting heat from some critics.

Dr. Carson told Hannity: “Some people say, ‘You know, you can’t say something like that in front of the president.’ Well, when did this become a monarchy? You know, we are the people. The president works for us and, you know, we need to remember that. This is a country that is for of and by the people, not for of and by the government and that is the big battle that we are in right now.”

What do you say to Dr. Carson’s critics? Right on or back off? Post your thoughts!