I would like to be the Chief Prosecutor at the ICC

No…no one has asked me to do the job and this is just a fleeting dream I have, and frankly, I feel pretty rusty in the courtroom….but there is a part of me that sure would like to be the Chief Prosecutor at the International Criminal Court  (ICC. )

I know the USA has not signed on to the ICC (and I am not getting into that food fight here whether the USA should or should not…and there are many controversial issues involved) but ICC may be the only mechanism to get justice for so many who deserve justice.

And yes, the ICC has so far failed to achieve what so many had hoped it would achieve and there are many, many, many issues.  The ICC so far is a disappointment to me.  I only have the passing dream (yes, this is just a passing dream) that I would like to be the ICC Chief Prosecutor because I would love to help the people of the Nuba Mountain….somehow help them.

If you are a bit interested in the ICC, watch this video: