This President’s day – please don’t forget the people of Sudan (Nuba Mountains in particular.) Their President is killing them and the world looks the other way

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As you know, I traveled with Reverend Franklin Graham and Samaritan’s Purse to Sudan and South Sudan.  I saw with my own eyes (and you have seen the pics here on GretaWire) the bombing planes overheard in the Sudan looking to kill their own innocent people in the Nuba Mountains (the people desperately try to hide / live in caves….and they eat leaves and bugs when they can find them…otherwise they starve.)

For some reason, the USA and the world ignores this crisis.  No one talks about it.  Why not?

Tens of thousands and thousands live in fear — that is, the ones who have not been murdered.

Malnutrition (see the pics of these kids which is a common sight) …refugees walking days and days and days in the hot sun without food or water…just looking (hoping?) for some place that is safe.  These people in the Nuba Mountains do not want any money from us — they just want to be left alone (by their President) to farm and raise their families.  Isn’t there something we can do?

President Bashir is a very bad man.