Why didn’t the country of Chad arrest Sudan’s President Bashir? And why didn’t the USA lean on Chad to do the right thing?

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Don’t kid yourself, we (USA) do have much diplomatic muscle and could use it to stop the genocide of the people of the Nuba Mountains who Sudan’s President Bashir is torturing and killing (bombing, starving, raping etc.) Why don’t we – USA – do something?

Below is a perfect example — why didn’t we lean on Chad to arrest Pres Bashir when he stepped out of his country of Sudan?   He has an outstanding arrest warrant from the ICC!  Note the article below says the Brits (our best friends) were outraged with Chad — how about us?  Did we do anything?

There are so many things we could do short of military action and yet we do not.  We could put lots of pressure on other countries who give the red carpet to Pres Bashir. We don’t need to use our military.

I don’t believe we can’t get him arrested on that lawful ICC arrest warrant when he steps foot out of his country and steps foot in another country which is either our ally or someone who wants our money and technical know how and military weapons etc.  There is plenty of opportunity to arrest him and there is a warrant to do so.

It isn’t just Chad.  It is many countries.  Egypt is supposedly our ally and yet President Morsi gave President Bashir a state visit last September or October.  What’s with that?  

And by the way, if you are not outraged by President Bashir’s cruelty to his own people (and I know you are), don’t forget that the Israelis just 3 months ago bombed an Iranian munitions factory IN Suda because President Bashir is  up to his eyeballs in deals with the Iranians.  Iranian weapons made in Sudan are then shipped off to Hezbollah to kill Israelis.

There is some reason the USA ignores Sudan and President Bashir and I don’t know what it is….but it is indeed tragic that we look the other way. 

By the way, you can help — email every day your Senators and Members of Congress and ask what they are doing.


Chad doesn’t arrest Sudan’s Bashir

LONDON, Feb. 18 (UPI) — The government of Chad isn’t living up to its obligations regarding an arrest warrant for Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir, the British government said.


Bashir visited Chad last weekend for a meeting of Sahel and Saharan African leaders.


British Foreign Minister for Africa Mark Simmonds expressed frustration that Bashir wasn’t arrested by Chadian officials during the visit. Chad is a party to the Rome Statute that created the International Criminal Court.


The ICC in 2009 issued an arrest warrant for Bashir on war crimes charges related to the situation in Darfur.


“This will be the third time the government of Chad has failed to implement warrants issued by the ICC for war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide,