Have you noticed which government workers President Obama says will suffer if there is sequestration? Pathetic..

READ this and tell me what you think:

Here is part of what President Obama said will happen if there is sequestration: “…border patrol agents will see their hours reduced….FBI Agents will be furloughed… Federal Prosecutors will have to close cases…Air Traffic Controllers and security will see cutbacks…”

What I don’t get is this…why does the President start hurting and cutting back with the first responders?  Why not first furlough or reduce the hours of the thousands and thousands and thousands of bureaucrats in Washington…the ones who make so much more money than the first responders and don’t risk their lives for us on a daily basis?  There are a lot of people who work for our Federal Government who are not critical to running this country!   (Lets not forget the recent story of the lawyers at the SEC downloading porn on the taxpayer dime!)

Or here is a better idea why don’t we start by punishing (reducing hours/furlough) those who had the responsibility to handle this (President/House/Senate) and did not?

Here is another question I have for you and there is probably a good explanation: since sequestration cuts SPENDING RAISES, why does sequestration result in one pink slip? or furlough?

Have you noticed how the ones actually responsible for our nation’s budget mess never admit it and instead blame others and want to make others (first responders and those who receive the care and attention of the first responders) suffer for their failure to do their jobs?

I wonder what the first responders standing in the photo op with President Obama thought today.