I can understand the President wanting privacy this weekend and also not wanting to get seen in a pic with Tiger Woods (not only is it a bad message to be vacationing when so many Americans are unemployed and worried about sequester just days away for which he is partially responsible, but Tiger Woods has a rather sordid reputation these days.) 

What I don’t get is how the press AGREED to an OFF THE RECORD discussion with the President in the back of Air Force One on the way home from the vacation.  The press sold out the American people.  What is the point of speaking to the President if you can’t report what was said?  Were the members of the press so awe struck that the President would wander to the back of the plane and give them a few minutes of attention that they agreed not to report it? The press totally caved.  They failed us. 

The press should have said when offered OFF THE RECORD face time with the President , ‘thanks but no thanks…we will wait until the President is willing to talk to the American people since that is our job ..No secret conversations.’

PS – to think all the news organizations had to pitch in and pay the high cost for the press pool to go to Florida dn get us news so we could all share it.