They just don’t care. Forget conflict of interest – they found themselves a loophole.

View of the Capitol from Russell Senate Office Building

I know many of you are really annoyed with President Obama for taking a 3 day golf vacation just a short time after he got home from his Hawaii vacation. 

It annoyed you that we paid for it.  What do you think of conflicts of interest? where Congressional staffers chummy up with the people we are negotiating trade deals, military deals etc.

Well….brace yourself!

Tonight….ON THE RECORD at 10pm ….we will have Washington Post’s Tim Farnam who has uncovered one of the most explosive and outrageous stories. 

It turns out that staffers for Republicans and Democrats have been taking trips to China (who is hacking into our systems!), Taiwan, Holland, Thailand, Australia, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Finland, Switzerland etc etc etc. and the trips are paid by foreign governments.

The staff work for Republicans (including Rubio, Sessions, DeMint, Snowe etc etch) and for Democrats (including Liebermann, Harkin, Clyburn, Barney Frank, Rockefeller etc etc.)   They are ALL doing it.  The list is so long!

Because of the ethics rules, representatives of these foreign countries could not buy staffers a $2.00 cup of coffee here in the USA for the staffers…but they can provide lavish trips under a loophole.  The trips include stays at hotels like the Four Seasons in Jordan….helicopter rides in Switzerland and so much more.

Please tune in at 10pm eastern on ON THE RECORD. 

And I will post the list for you so you can see.  The list in endless.  China financed 200 trips in 6 years.  And in 6 years, foreign countries have financed more than 800 of these fancy foreign trips for the staffers. 

Make you sick?