THIS IS SO SO SO SO BIZARRE! You will want to tune in tonight to ON THE RECORD at 10pm to get the full story!

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I tried criminal cases for years and I saw some pretty weird stuff in the courtroom but nothing like what is going on in the courtroom now in Will County, Illinois.

Do you remember the Sgt Drew Peterson case? He was convicted of killing wife #3.  Now he is claiming his lawyer did not provide effective assistance of counsel but that is not the odd part.

The odd part (and it is off the charts odd!) is that one of his lawyers, Joel Brodsky, filed a motion in court claiming the other lawyer, Steve Greenberg “suffers from a severe mental illness known as pathological narcissism (DSM-IV-TR 301.81.  He goes on to say that Greenberg “resents the attention paid to Mr. Brodsky by the press during the trial….and that Greenberg’s mental illness leads him to believe that only he, and he alone, is entitled to, and worthy of, the attention of, praise of, others.”

It gets worse….Brodsky accuses Greenberg of having “personal intimate relationship with Beth Karas, the TruTv reporter….which he developed during the trial to get more attention for himself…”

What I hope this segment tonight highlights is a bit of the judicial system in this country.  It can be off the charts bizarre.