What Do You Think? Mom Faces Charges for Hiring Strippers for Her 16-Year-Old Son’s Birthday Party!


Strippers at a party is not the strangest thing you’ll ever hear. But it gets really strange when you hear that the strippers were for a 16-year-old teen — and that his own mother hired them!

That’s the case for a New York mother who now faces five charges of endangering the welfare of a child for hiring strippers to entertain at her son’s birthday party. The mom admits hiring two adult female dancers but insists they were not strippers and were only there to deliver a “bikini-gram” and sing Happy Birthday.

Prosecutors, however, say there were kids at the party that were even younger than the 16-year-old birthday boy and that several received lap dances. The owner of the company that sent the dancers downplays the whole incident, saying kids today see a lot worse on TV and at the beach.

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What do you think? Does this mother deserve to face criminal charges? Is this a case of criminal behavior or just bad judgment? Sound off and tell us your thoughts!