If Senator Rand Paul can do it and did it, why can’t the other 99 US Senators and 435 Members of Congress (and all the committees???) And yes, this could be headlined “what is wrong with Washington!”

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Last night ON THE RECORD at 10pm we reported that Senator Rand Paul returned $600,000 to the US Treasury which is 20% of the stipend the US Government gives him to run his Senate Office. 

Since he is a freshman US Senator, my guess is that he has one of the smallest budgets in the US Senate.  He said he saved 20% by being frugal — he watched how much paper, ink cartridges etc. that his office ordered as well as the price.  

If Senator Rand Paul can save 20%, what about everyone else? Imagine if all US Senators had his small budget and saved 20% — that would mean $60 million returned to the US Treasury.  And since no doubt most have much bigger budgets than a freshman Senator, if each returned 20% it would be significantly higher than $60 million. (Ask yourself what $60 million could do for that collection of first responders President Obama staged behind him at the White House this week when he discussed sequestration.)

There are also budgets for each Senate Committee and sub Committee.  I have no idea what each budget it but I sure bet a 20% savings would be big chunk of money.  Here are the numbers of committees in 2012:

And what about on the House side of the Hill?  There are 435 Members of the House and what if each of them sent back 20% of their taxpayer stipend to run their Congressional offices? 

And what about the committees on the House side of the Hill?  There are more than 40 Committees or sub Committees.  They each have a budget and I wonder how much 20% of those budgets would be?

With the size of our debt and deficit, the 20% total from the above is not that much but it is important for one good reason.  It shows the culture on Capitol Hill.  They COULD save, and they COULD cut back but they only ask it of YOU.  With YOUR money it is SPEND SPEND SPEND and it is certainly not BE FRUGAL AND SMART WITH HOW YOUR MONEY IS SPENT.

Adding to the ugly culture of YOUR money in Washington is that no one wants to be frugal (decent?) with your money because if they don’t use up all they are allotted each year, they face getting less next time.  And of course, they want more.