A great role model for women and young girls! Eve Burton, Senior Vice President and General Counsel of the Hearst Corporation

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A friend of mine from CNN days (former Chief Legal Counsel) is a Senior Vice President and the General Counsel and a member of the Board of Directors for the giant Hearst Corporation.  Each of her jobs at Hearst is a very big job and each very complicated with lots of responsibility.  You only get those jobs one way, the old fashion way, and that is that you earn them!  

I thought I should post her bio (CLICK HERE) for you. She has been a great inspiration to so many (including men) and she has opened so many doors for other women.  Opening those doors are important — especially young women of the next generation.

I know you know successful women in TV and politics, but there are so many women in other occupations – including business and law –  who are blazing trails who you don’t know and I think you would enjoy learning about them.

I am in awe of Eve.  

Now let me add one other thing.  I am in awe of many others.  There are hundreds of thousands of other women who are enormously successful in their jobs – whether the jobs be teaching jobs or taking care of children or working at a restaurant, or being a loyal friend to someone who needs one,  etc – who don’t get recognition for their work but do go the extra mile to make themselves great role models for others.  You don’t have to make a lot of money, or have lots of responsibility to be a great role model and a trail blazer.  You just have to be old fashion decent and do your work well. 

 I want you to post a comment about someone (and it can be a man) who you think really does a great job at his or her work, is a great role model, and just hasn’t gotten the recognition and acknowledgment he or she deserves until here and now by you (and by us as we read your comment.)  Start posting!