Not a movie (ARGO) but reality. What it was really like for the American hostages in Iran

I am sure many of you have seen the movie ARGO.  It is a fictionalized account of what happened in 1979 in Iran to Americans who were working at the US Embassy when it was overrun and taken over by Iranians. All these years later, the former hostages are still looking for justice: (by the way, a bit of trivia: I met my husband working for him on the Iranian hostage case back in 1979)

“….The former hostages and their advocates are mobilizing for a Capitol Hill push that they hope will be the final chapter in a 33-year quest for relief and for justice. In a few weeks, members of Congress will receive a packet of information that includes powerful statements and videos from the former hostages and their survivors. Some will be telling their stories publicly for the first time. One of them is Steven Lauterbach, whose written account opens with this sentence: “I slashed my wrists while in captivity in Iran.”