Eighth grader asked to remove U.S. Marines t-shirt or be suspended…was the teacher out of line?


A student’s show of patriotism gets him into trouble at school! Eighth grader Michael McIntyre was wearing his U.S. Marines t-shirt to class, one that he had worn many times before. But suddenly – his teacher told him to take off the t-shirt or he would be suspended! Why? The teacher said the interlocking rifles on the shirt violated the school’s dress code. McIntyre complied and turned the shirt inside out, but his father is angry! He says the t-shirt is about the Marines, not the rifles, and his son is very proud of the armed services.

The school superintendent agreeing that the shirt does not violate the dress code, which only bans violent behavior and gang symbols, not guns. He also said the teacher should have consulted with the principal on the matter. McIntyre’s father says he thinks the teacher’s overreaction was likely due to recent mass shootings.

So what do you think? Was the teacher out of line? Post your thoughts!