UPDATE on the BENGHAZI “talking points”


Below is from FNC’s Chad Pergram:


Urgent: Source says Benghazi “talking points” memos don’t reveal effort to downplay terrorist links to Benghazi attack

Per Pergram-Capitol Hill


Members of the Senate Intelligence Committee today received a classified briefing by an administration official on the various emails and documents assembled in the days after the September 11th attack in Benghazi. These emails were the precursor of the “talking points” which the administration then armed UN Ambassador Susan Rice and other officials with.


One source familiar with the briefing indicated that they did not believe the emails shed any new light on anything that was not already known and said the messages did not demonstrate an effort by the administration to deliberately downplay the role of “al Qai’da” or “terrorists.”


Emails I obtained in October made it clear that the State Department said very early on that the attacks were driven by an al Qai’da affiliated group.


The source made it clear that the Central Intelligence Agency and the administration were in fact preparing “talking points” to explain what happened after the attack.




Chad Pergram

Senior Producer for Capitol Hill

FOX News