Senator John Cornyn remarks

from FNC’s Kara Rowland

below are remarks / notes from what Senator John Cornyn just said on the Senate Floor


Senate Minority Whip John Cornyn highlights:

-Sequester would authorize $85 billion in cuts which is only 2.4 percent of total budget

-President is now traveling around the country on AF1 telling us that a 2.4-percent spending cut will have a catastrophic effect

-The only solution he seems to offer is raising taxes once again

-Rather than a nightmare scenario … Republicans and Democrats would be happy to give the president and the administration some flexibility in how it implements these 2.4 pct cuts

-Unfortunately the president doesn’t seem to want to manage these cuts

-What he wants to do is use this to scare people in order to grow the size of government

-Everyone knows federal spending is unsustainable … everyone knows this

-America’s total unfunded liabilities exceed $100 trillion


Kara Rowland

Capitol Hill producer, Fox News