Senator Mary Landrieu remarks

From FNC Kara Rowland:

here are some remarks made by Senator Mary Landrieu on the Senate floor made moments ago


Sen. Landrieu:

-Families do cut back but they plan their reductions … don’t kick grandma out on the street and put her in a homeless shelter

-They also try to bring in more revenue … either the wife gets a job or the husband gets a job … goes back to school

-For some reason we have half this chamber that only wants to work on one side of the equation – it’s only about cuts, cuts and more cuts even though they are senseless and they are dangerous

-There is no question that Congress must act to reduce our annual deficits

-We have been reducing spending. We have set targets of spending that are lower … we are tightening our belts

-Contrary to the evidence all over the place that this is working, the other side is going to ratchet it down with these senseless reductions

-Rejecting a balanced approach which Democrats have called for and most independent observers understand you’ve got to have a balance of revenue and reduction s…

-They’re saying we raised revenues that’s it … I’m here to tell you we’ve got to  go a little bit more

-Every business person I talk to says you know what senator there’s such promise out there …

-The other side of the aisle continues to argue despite mounting evidence … against any revenues

-Cut it now don’t worry about what you cut, just cut it … that’s not going to lead this country to economic prosperity


Kara Rowland

Capitol Hill producer, Fox News