Sudan, Nuba Mountains and cruelty of President Bashir

Late last night I watched a 48 minute YouTube video about Sudan and the unthinkable cruelty of Sudan’s President Bashir towards his ow people in the Nuba Mountains.  The person who posted the video  (and apparently made it) was in Sudan and the Nuba Mountains about 3 months after I was there last year with Reverend Franklin Graham and Samaritan’s Purse.

What was stunning to me about the YouTube video was how it was exactly what I saw (people dying of malnutrition at the hands of Pres Bashir, bombed out schools and churches and villages.)  Not that I needed anyone to confirm  what I saw but it just drove home the point to me that we must continue to put the spotlight on these non ending atrocities.  If we don’t, who will?  How long will we be satisfied to just look the other way?

I see all the attention to those suffering in Syria (and their suffering is real) but I would love to hear just one politician say, ‘have you heard about what is going on in the Nuba Mountains of Sudan?’  I don’t think one politician pays even 5 seconds of attention to this cruelty.  (And let me add sarcastically that the politicians are not spending their time on the nation’s budget problems so they must have a few (many?) spare moments to consider other things like Sudan.  If any one of them wanted, I would eagerly agree to use my time to walk to Capitol Hill to brief them.)

Let me add once again that I do not pretend to have the solution for this unthinkable crisis in the Nuba Mountains but I do know if we continue to look the other way, there is no chance to help find a solution and stop this genocide and torture.  I don’t want to look the other way and I can not  – I would like to help…somehow.

And let me remind  you — my guess is that you know more about this crisis in the Nuba Mountains of Sudan than anyone you know.  I bet most people can’t even place Sudan on a map and that is understandable since the world continues to make these suffering people invisible.

Your thoughts?

PS I will post the 48 minute video here on GretaWire this weekend.  I know you are all too busy during the week to watch 48 minutes but maybe on the weekend you will have more time.  You will see that it confirms what I have shown you in posted pics here and what I have blogged.