Huh? “KEEP CALM AND RAPE A LOT” (I know you have something to say about this!)

Amazon row over ‘rape’ T-shirt


Internet retailer Amazon is continuing to list clothes from a US firm despite a row over a T-shirt printed with the message: “Keep calm and rape a lot.”


On Friday, US company Solid Gold Bomb apologised for selling the T-shirt and removed it from sale, saying a listing was automatically generated in error.


Earlier on Saturday the firm had T-shirts for sale with messages including “keep calm and hit her”.


An Amazon statement said later “those items are not available for sale”.


The T-shirts are based on the World War II wartime propaganda slogan “keep calm and carry on”.


Among the 8,425 T-shirts still offered for sale by the company on the Amazon site at 12:00 GMT on Saturday were those with the slogans “keep calm and knife her” and “keep calm and grope a lot”.


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