TSA to allow pocket knives on planes…what do you think?


The rules of airline travel are about to change…the TSA announcing passengers will soon be allowed to carry small knives in their carry-on bags. Starting April 25th, passengers can bring Swiss Army-type knives on domestic flights. This is the first time the knives have been allowed since post-9/11 security measures.

And it’s not just knives! Lacrosse sticks, ski poles, golf clubs and souvenir baseball bats will also be allowed. Southwest Airline Flight Attendants Union calls the decision “dangerous.” They say the change is not a big threat to the pilots in the locked cockpit, but they put passengers and flight attendants in danger. So why the new rules? The TSA says the changes will allow security officers to focus on finding higher threat items, like explosives.

So what do you think? On your next flight – do you want the passenger next to you packing a knife in his or her pocket? Traveling is hassle – but should safety be sacrificed for convenience? Sound off in the comments!