Was Shane Todd murdered? Secretary of State John Kerry meeting with Senator Baucus about it

note below from FNC Chad Pergram:

Urgent: Kerry meets with Sen. Baucus over mysterious death of Shane Todd in Singapore


Per Pergram-Capitol Hill


Fox has learned that Secretary of State John Kerry met Thursday with Sen. Max Baucus (D-MT) over the mysterious death of Shane Todd, a Montana resident who was found hanged in Singapore.


Todd worked with high tech chemicals for the Institute for Micro Electionics (IME) based in Singapore. His parents have told Baucus that they believe he may have been killed by the Chinese after he came across some high-tech secuirty info he was not supposed to be privy to.


His body was found hanging in his apartment in Singapore. But there are multiple inconsistencies with that theory.


He told his parents before his parents he was worried that the project he was working on may endanger US national security.


Fox is told that the meeting between Kerry and Baucus propelled the issue onto the secretary’s radar. Baucus had wanted to meet with Kerry but was unable to do as the secretary was on a lengthy globetrotting trip.



Chad Pergram

FOX News

Senior Producer for Capitol Hill