See below the Senator Rand Paul press release:

Sen. Paul Introduces Amendment to Restrict Foreign Assistance to Egypt


WASHINGTON, D.C. – On Thursday, March 21, Sen. Paul introduced Amendment 378, to S.Con.Res.8, the Budget Resolution, which would enable Congress to block the transfer of further economic and military aid to Egypt until the President of the United States certifies that the President of Egypt has officially stated his intention to continue to abide by the Camp David Peace Accords.


Since 1984, the United States has provided more than $71 billion in sparsely conditioned military and economic assistance to Egypt. In addition to this, Secretary Kerry recently announced disbursement of $250 million in economic aid to Egypt. A second installment of $260 million will be granted to Egypt once the country commits to further reforms.


“The Camp David Peace Accords serve as an important symbolic and strategic international alliance. My amendment requires the U.S. government to ask Egypt one simple question – is the country willing to abide by its cornerstone agreement with the United States, and the entire Middle East? If the answer is no, then Egypt should not only be deemed unworthy of our billions in foreign assistance; it should give us cause to reconsider the Morsi government’s intentions for the peace and stability of the entire region,” Sen. Paul said.





Jillian Lane

Deputy Press Secretary

Senator Rand Paul