Mean spirited and a rotten example … what do you think?

The whole sequester fight is between adults (politicians.)   Children have nothing to do with it.  They did not cause it.

Who gets hurt?  Those who caused it? No

The ones who get hurt  are the totally innocent kids from around the nation who have come to DC for their spring break.  I bet for most students  the highlight of school break in DC is to see the White House.  Well…that is not happening because of sequester, because adults did not do their jobs.

So where are the politicians now? working on the problem to open the White House tours for the children?  nope.

The adults, the politicians, the ones who caused this problem are all on their OWN VACATIONS. The President is showing zero leadership — in fact he does not even indicate he cares about it.  There are ways to get the tours open to these kids  – unless you just want to play political games and be selfish.  The President could fix this – but apparently he does not care.

What a lousy example these adults are setting for the children…not to mention the mean part.