VICIOUSNESS? What do you think? Something is going on and it is not pretty …

Screen Shot 2013-03-27 at 9.44.25 AM

The latest media rumor: that Anderson Cooper was approached to replace Matt Lauer

I have no idea what is or is not happening at NBC….what is or is not true…but it sure does not look pretty.  At a very minimum, NBC is handling this very poorly.

It looks vicious to me.

First it appears NBC  began throwing Jay Leno ‘under the bus’ and now it appears they are doing it to Matt Lauer.   These are their two biggest talents and this is what they are doing to them?   If you continue to let people get trashed unfairly, and rumors fly, it becomes the conventional wisdom that somehow they are what is being said about them.

Look at the facts – instead of falling prey to what is being said.  Both Leno and Lauer are decent.  They don’t cross the line – they are not cheap or trashy or mean or unprepared or inexperienced.   In short, they do their jobs well.    Is that their failing?

What is up?   What do you think?

PS – this is NOT to take from Anderson Cooper.  There is no indication he is part of this.


(note: I lifted the pic from Huffington Post article; click here)