This is weird…and even weirder, I confess I felt bad when I read it – I felt sorry for him

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Shannon Bream and I were talking the other night in my office about stalkers.   I said, “I had a stalker for about 5-7 years in the 1980’s when I was practicing law.”  We talked about how some stalkers look odd — and I said, let me see if I can find a picture of mine.  He had a weird look.  His hair was never combed, hung in his face and he had an awkward twitch and grin.  I was not sure I could find my stalker on the internet since my stalker pre dated the internet and google.  I googled him and to my surprise, up popped the article below.  

I was stunned.   My stalker died ….and on Christmas Day.  Strangely, I felt bad.   I always felt sorry for him.   He had followed me for so many years that I felt I knew him quite well.  Over the years and years of him stalking me, I spoke to his family about trying to get him to stop…his Mother was very sweet to me and understood why I was distressed by the situation….the US Attorney’s Office in DC arrested him one time and held him overnight (I always thought they did it because they thought it would look bad if I – a defense lawyer –  were found murdered and floating in the Potomac River when they were aware of the problem and had done zero)…I tried everything to get rid of him …I was nice to him to get rid of him…mean to him to get rid of him…ignored him etc.  Nothing worked.  He was fixated.   It was really weird — every place I would go, he would be there…with me.  He could find me.  It was almost as if he had my phone bugged, too.  I had dinner one night with a friend and there he was!   Worse, he stood next (yes, next!) to the table overlooking us and just grinning.   It not only was weird, it must have looked weird to everyone else in the restaurant.   I had the restaurant make him leave.   The Randy stories go on and on and on…because this went on for years.

The 80’s were a time when stalkers were not taken as seriously as they are today (this was a time prior to the sitcom star getting murdered by her stalker) and the judges would tease me and refer to him as my fiance.   I would be talking to someone in the courthouse and he would stand right next to me.  I would ask him to leave and he would just smile.

One time when I was trying a murder case the judge told him to leave the courtroom (he would sit in the first row and stare) because the judge feared it would create an appellate issue for my client if I lost (that my client’s lawyer was distracted by the very uncomfortable situation during his trial.)  Randy – who was VERY smart – went across the street to the Federal Court and then sued BOTH the Judge and me for violating the right to open trials.  We had a hearing in the Federal Court where Randy represented himself and actually cross examined me on the witness stand. 

Everyone in the courthouse knew Randy because he stalked me.   Randy dressed every day in the same color tan suit (the tag remained on the sleeve.)   We always thought he dressed in the suit to try to look like a lawyer.

 People asked me why I never tried to get him arrested (other than that one arrest by the US Attorney) and the answer is simple:  he violated no law and you can’t arrest someone for lawful conduct.   There were no anti stalking laws at the time.    

He was just really, really weird and and his strange behavior scared everyone (he was also well over 6 feet tall which made him even more frightening to people.)  Some suggested I have him arrested for misdemeanor assault since simple assault does not require actual touching but it does require the victim to feel in fear.   Frankly, after years of him stalking me and not doing anything, I had no fear of Randy.  I was used to him.  He was really weird….and a pest…but after years of him stalking me, and just being a pest, I had no fear.  

My family and law partners were very concerned since we never knew if Randy would “break bad.”  I didn’t think so but everyone else did.  My husband was particularly disturbed by the situation and we often argued about it.  He wanted me to do something about it.  But what?    

People ask me how the stalking ended after years of it and, this is funny, it ended because my stalker, Randy,  dropped me for a younger and prettier woman – a 21 year old law student.  I found out because he suddenly disappeared and her terrified family hired a detective who contacted me to find out what Randy’s story was.   Imagine – getting dumped by your stalker!  That’s a first, right?   (By the way, I have no idea what happened to that stalking episode but I assume she graduated and moved away.)  

My husband and I saw Randy about two years ago – the first time in years – and he was riding a bicycle wearing only a swim suit.  We drove around the block to get another look – he still looked strange, very strange.    I had heard reports over the years that he was spotted looking at a girls’ soccer game in Georgetown and of course my radar went up. 

So  fast forward to today.   It is weird, but I feel bad about Randy.  He obviously had some weird problem.  He was a troubled person.   It turned out he was not dangerous…he was just weird and a pest….but how would anyone have known? 

Local Legend Randy Lokke Dies at 62

By Nico Dodd | January 7th, 2013

Randolph J. Lokke of Arlington, Va., died at the age of 62 Dec. 25, 2012. A funeral mass was offered Jan. 7 at the Cathedral of St. Thomas More in Arlington, Va. He was buried at National Memorial Park in Falls Church, Va.


Lokke, known simply as “Randy” to most people who knew him, was a local legend. He was a quiet neighborhood curiosity who seemed always to be around. According to Zeff Yousef, athletic director at Georgetown Visitation, Randy was “part of the furniture of Georgetown.” His ubiquity at high school sporting events spawned multiple Facebook groups and curiosity of whereabouts, including “Is Randy Random?” Randy was known for riding his bicycle everywhere he went and often had plastic bags on the handlebars. In Georgetown, Randy was often seen at Saxby’s coffee, where he would get tea. Randy was a fixture at sports games at Gonzaga College High School, Georgetown Visitation Prep and high schools around Washington, D.C.


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