My own personal boycott (and does anyone really need instructions for this?)

Having just struggled with the packaging for very inexpensive ear buds, and nearly cutting my finger off punching the thick plastic with the end of a scissor since the scissor could not cut the thick plastic, I have decided to boycott (I am not asking you to do it) all products where the packaging cost MORE than the product I am seeking to buy/use.

I can’t figure out why packaging has to be so thick and tough to open.  If I were a thief and wanted to steal the product, I would have simply stolen the product in the packaging.   I would not stand in the store and struggle to open the packaging.

By the way, I am covered.  The instructions inside the packaging are in 17 different languages (some I don’t recognize at all.)  Do you really need instructions for this, English or any language?  How about just put in/on your ear and figure it out from there yourself?  And if you can’t figure it out without instructions, why did you buy them in the first place?  What did you think you were buying?

What do you think?