What is up with the Huffington Post? ON THE RECORD at 10pm has been #1 for 11+ years and 45 quarters and so has Sean Hannity — so what is the headline on their article? Congratulations on the amazing continued success? (Not exactly…hhm…)


You would think from the Huffington Post dramatic headline (below) that somehow Sean and I are big failures. 

Big failure at #1?  it can’t get any higher than #1!   And #1 for more than 11 straight years?  #1 for 46 straight quarters?  Is that failure?   (What does the Huff Post call the other networks who have been losing for 11 straight years, and 46 straight quarters?  I guess they call them, ‘their friends.‘)

In looking at the headline below, it occurred to me how do you “plunge to first place?”  Do you not think you continue to hold first place?

It must have pained Huff Post to admit (they buried in parenthesis and I put in red ink) that we at Fox remain the top shows  (that sure was also not highlighted in the headline!) 

It must have also pained Huff Post to report the fact that ALL networks are down.  Yes, ALL networks are down and times are tough for all businesses in the nation but who remains in first place leading the pack?  Who do the viewers turn to for the news? and debate? Fox News Channel!  That is huge success…to be proud of ….that is not failure (although Huff Post sure seems like it would like to paint it that way.)

The article says the p/r department of another network is gloating about Fox’s numbers — well, they sure can’t gloat about their own numbers (they are not winning their time slots…they are…well..losing.  It is hard to gloat about that.  The best they can do is to try and find fault with our success.)

The article also says there is good news for another network.  Good news?  That they still don’t win?  How can that be good news?

Look – I admire success of my competitors (you know that and I post congratulations here) but at some point it becomes ridiculous when competitive networks attempt to tear us (Fox) down for our success and a online website is complicit (takes the bait.)

What’s up with the Huff Post ?  Do you think they  like Fox? (wink wink)

PS – don’t you love the courage of the writer and Huffington Post to post this without a byline? anonymously, now that is courage in journalism!

The cable news industry was hit with another month of tough ratings news.


Every network saw its ratings drop from 2012, a politics-heavy election year that was guaranteed to spike audiences. In primetime, Fox News suffered the biggest plunge, falling 33 percent from its 2012 numbers. CNN fell a nearly equally precipitous 28 percent, while MSNBC dropped 4 percent.


Fox News, which has had several well-publicized ratings issues over the past few months, saw its primetime numbers fall to new lows in the all-important A25-54 category for many shows. MSNBC gloated in its press release, saying that hosts Sean Hannity and Greta Van Susteren had their worst demo ratings ever. Bill O’Reilly’s demo ratings were also off by 26 percent. (All three shows were, of course, still at the top of the ratings.)


But Fox News’ overall dominance is not really in question; the network has been in first place for a mind-boggling 45 quarters (or just over 11 years).


MSNBC topped CNN in total viewers and demo viewers, and saw a 30 percent increase in daytime viewers in the A25-54 demo.


There was good news for CNN, too: “AC360” posted gains in the 8:00 p.m. hour, increasing 17 percent in total viewers and 9 percent in the demo. Erin Burnett and Wolf Blitzer’s shows also saw small ratings increases.


HLN, the crime-driven CNN sister station, was the biggest winner for the month, as its nonstop coverage of the Jodi Arias trial drove it to new ratings highs. The network boasted double-digit gains and was up 17 percent in total viewers and 23 percent in the coveted A25-54 demo. The network also scored its best ever March in total viewers, up 53 percent from this time last year.