A simple way to look at it (and why everyone should be freaked, whether you have a job or not!)

Think of the economy as a boat with 100 people in it and the boat has begun to take on water.

If 2 people bail water (work), and 98 watch….you can predict the outcome.  The problem gets bigger and bigger and bigger….

If instead 98 bail (work) and only 2 watch….you will live. 

Our economy can not continue to withstand these dismal jobs reports.  A dismal number of people working can not support everyone.  

I worked in very poor neighborhoods for more than a decade.  I met all sorts of people from all walks of life.  I believe – actually I know –  people want to work.  They want to be productive, they want to raise families and they want their children to have opportunities.  

We will never get our economy rolling if we don’t make solutions our goal rather than winning the goal.