AFL-CIO President Trumka’s statement on latest jobs report


Statement by AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka on March Jobs Report


Today’s announcement that the economy added only 88,000 jobs in March underscores the reality that the real challenge our nation faces is a jobs crisis..  We are still creating fewer jobs than we need to get us back to post-recession employment rates.  We are going from month to month with our fingers crossed in hope of decent growth, while we should be investing in our infrastructure and rebuilding the middle class.

In Washington, we are still engaging in an upside-down debate.  News that the President is planning to unveil a budget that cuts Social Security and Medicare benefits for working families is a sign of the wrong-headed policy driving our slow recovery.  Millions of Americans remain out of work and the job market is especially devastating for young people.  Young people ages 20-24 are facing 13.3% unemployment rates. Without the prospect of good jobs in their early and crucial earning years, these young people will bear the cost of these proposed cuts in Social Security.


This past November, voters rejected the failed policies of Romney/Ryan and voted for President Obama in hopes that a second term would mean that working families would share in our nation’s prosperity.  This budget dampens those hopes.  But, even worse, it’s bad for the economy.

We continued to reject chained CPI and means testing for Medicare as more “Washington speak” that disguises awful ideas that harm working families  The President should drop these misguided cuts in benefits and focus instead on building support in Congress for investing in jobs.