Arrest Sudan President Bashir! Now is the chance – he is out of his country and in Kenya!

sudan 164

Look at this child.  This is what President Bashir is doing to his people.  This child is suffering from malnutrition.  How can you starve people?  Really?  And how can you not arrest Pres Bashir when you get the chance so that he can face Justice?  Kenya can do the right thing – arrest him.

There are thousands and thousands of Sudanese refugees — those are the so called  ‘lucky ones’ since they have escaped the genocide of President Bashir and are on the run.  Of course …. they may die of starvation or dehydration.

President Bashir is under indictment by the ICC for genocide and has escaped justice for years!  He must be arrested and brought to justice — and stopped from doing more torture and genocide.

Kenya can do the right thing and arrest him and turn him over to the ICC (or do like President Morsi of Egypt and look the other way.)

I took these pictures when I was in Sudan and the refugee camp in South Sudan a year ago.