It feels like the “fix is in” – have you seen how many corporate lobbyists have ties to Chair of the Senate Finance Committee?

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You can’t afford a lobbyist to make sure the tax code has something in it for you…..but big business sure can!  This article is breathtaking – it just shows how the lopsided (unfair) Washington is.  It sure makes it look like the “fix is in,” doesn’t it?  And even though this is totally on the “up and up” (it is legal),  it sure looks bad.  It sends a really lousy message …do you agree?  It is like a punch in the stomach to all those hard working Americans struggling to keep their businesses alive and they read that the ‘trick’ is to have a lobbyist in Washington….but who can afford that?



“…No other lawmaker on Capitol Hill has such a sizable constellation of former aides working as tax lobbyists, representing blue-chip clients that include telecommunications businesses, oil companies, retailers and financial firms, according to an analysis by LegiStorm, an online database that tracks Congressional staff members and lobbying. At least 28 aides who have worked for Mr. Baucus, Democrat of Montana, since he became the committee chairman in 2001 have lobbied on tax issues during the Obama administration — more than any other current member of Congress, according to the analysis of lobbying filings performed for The New York Times….”