I am taking a pass this year — no White House Correspondents Dinner

The annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner is coming up in two weeks.  I have been going for years (20?) bringing some high profile guests like Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne, Kim Kardashian, and even Lindsey Lohan! 

This year I am ‘taking a pass’ and I am not going.  I made another commitment out of town that weekend.

I am sure everyone will have fun – it is the one day of the year that the media, politicians, entertainers etc. socialize together – but it can also be a bit exhausting as it is a 2 1/2 day affair.

 So what provoked this posting about the WHCD? I was just emailed this pic of my husband from last year’s dinner that is in today’s Washington Post.  (and click here to read entire article)

And by the way, while many claimed to be scandalized by Lindsey Lohan’s presence, the numbers of people coming up to our table for pictures was endless!  You would not believe all the influential people in town – media and politicians – who wanted to meet her and have a picture with her.