President George HW Bush remembers Margaret Thatcher


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Margaret Thatcher: ‘She was an independent but reliable ally, whose counsel I valued’

Former US president George HW Bush recalls Margaret Thatcher, a leader of rare courage.

By George HW Bush

From the very first day I knew her, Margaret Thatcher was never without opinion, forcefully stated. We first met in my hometown, Houston, Texas, back in 1977 when I was asked to introduce her at an English Speaking Union event. I was struck not only by her clear speaking ability, but also the clear principles that animated her talk. She possessed a presence, a charisma, which had already propelled her rise in British politics. It was really no surprise when she was elected prime minister two years later.

As vice–president, I saw a great deal of Margaret during my frequent travels to London and on each of her visits to the United States.

We forged a warm friendship, but were not as close as she was with President Reagan – for whom Margaret had a great and understandable affection. Once elected to the presidency, I kept foremost in mind the importance of the US–British relationship, and to be sure Margaret never hid her considerable regard for the United States. She worked diligently to make sure this “special” relationship remained intact.

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