notes from my FNC colleague Justin Fishel about a Congressman “inadvertently [revealing] a classified DIA finding

On Capitol Hill today Congressman Rep Doug Lamborn of Colorado inadvertantly revealed a classified DIA finding that he thought was unclassified that says the North Koreans currently have the capability to deliver a nuclear weapon on a ballistic missile. The report claimed the intelligence community has moderate confidence in this intelligence and the DIA believes the missile has a low reliability of actually working.


This is a significant revelation because it has not been previously reported or believed that the North had the ability to miniaturize and deliver a nuclear weapon. That’s one of the hardest parts of making a nuke.


Pentagon officials say that the memo he read from was in fact classified though someone at DIA mistakenly marked it “unclassified.” Lamborn did not do anything wrong, according to Pentagon officials but he inadvertently revealed that the Defense Intelligence Agency has “moderate confidence” that the North has progressed toward having a nuclear capable missile that would have “a low probability of working.”


Here is the transcript:


LAMBORN: OK. Thank you.

And General Dempsey, I’d like to ask you my next question.

The Defense Intelligence Agency did a study that was finished

last month. Now, while the contents of the study are classified,

the conclusions and certain statements are not classified. And

quoting from the unclassified portion, which I believe has not

yet been made public, they say, quote, “DIA assesses with

moderate confidence the North currently has nuclear weapons

capable of delivering by ballistic missiles, however the

reliability will be low.”

General, would you agree with that assessment by DIA?

DEMPSEY: You know, Congressman, with the number of caveats

you put on the front end of this, I’m not going to — I can’t

touch that one because I’m not sure now. It hasn’t been

released. Some of it’s classified. Some of it’s unclassified.

Let me take that one for the record.





The Federal Document Clearing House



XXX for the record.

LAMBORN: Oh, well, OK, let me repeat. Maybe I caught you

a little bit off-guard here, because you’ve had so many

questions today, and I understand this is a lengthy process.

But they concluded, and this is public — this is

unclassified, so I can make it public. “DIA assess with

moderate confidence the North currently has nuclear weapons

capable of delivery by ballistic missiles, however, the

reliability will be low.”

DEMPSEY: And your question is, do I agree with the DIA’s



DEMPSEY: Well I haven’t seen it. And you said it’s not

publicly released so I — I choose not to comment on it.



Justin Fishel

Fox News Channel

Pentagon /State Dept. Producer