WHAT WILL IT TAKE? I keep pushing the topic of the evil Sudan President Bashir – both on GretaWire and with every Senator and Member of Congress who will listen….and now this?

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First, the Obama Administration should re-think its invitation to senior members of President Bashir’s government to visit Washington.  Sudan is a state that sponsors terrorism!   Bashir is a killer…you have seen his gross handiwork in pictures here on GretaWire….he is under indictment in the ICC!  

The Obama Administration should not be rolling the red carpet as though he or his government is anything but what they are – evil.   If there is a real need to talk to his administration or it is thought that diplomacy will somehow change Bashir’s ways — try Geneva to meet….or better, meet President Bashir half way in The Hague (and while he is there, have him arrested on the outstanding genocide indictment.)  Inviting the Sudanese Government to the United States is wrong – it sends the wrong message.

Second …..what is with this?  See article below.  More proof about President Bashir and Sudan.  Sudan is hiding (protecting!) ANOTHER WANTED CRIMINAL?  Joseph Kony!  He is a horrible man.

  If this report below is correct, and Kony is harbored in Sudan, what more proof is needed that Sudan’s President is a very bad person and the USA should stop just looking the other way? (or worse, inviting the senior members of Sudanese administration to the USA as we would the Brits!)

You have seen the pics here – from the starving children to the bomb crater evidence!  See below the pic of me in a bomb crater in Sudan next to the SCHOOL that Bashir missed when they tried to kill school children during school hours.  Look how big that crater is — so you can image the size and power of the bombs he drops on innocent kids and civilians!


Here is the article I just read and which prompted this posting:

Sudan harboring Ugandan warlord Kony, report says

Friday, 26 April 2013

Joseph Kony speaks to journalists at Ri-Kwamba in Southern Sudan on November 12, 2006. (AFP)

AFP, Washington –

Sudan appears to be providing shelter to Joseph Kony, one of the world’s most wanted warlords, according to a report released on Friday by the Washington-based Resolve group.

Kony is the leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army, which is infamous for mutilating its victims and abducting children for use as fighters and sex slaves. It has waged an insurgency against the Ugandan government for over 25 years.

A self-proclaimed prophet who claims his rebels are fighting to establish a government based on the Biblical Ten Commandments, Kony and other LRA leaders face charges of war crimes and crimes against humanity at the International Criminal Court.

According to Friday’s report, “eyewitnesses testify that elements from Sudan’s military actively provided Kony and other LRA leaders with periodic safe haven in Sudanese-controlled territory from 2009 until at least February 2013.”

The report, called “Hidden in Plain Sight,”   CLICK HERE