If this didn’t set off alarms, nothing will!

I just read the paragraph below from today’s New York Times.  It is all there:  a tip, long ago (March 2011), extremist views and planning to travel to Russia….and we let it go?   Do you know what the USA did while he traveled?  He was pinged leaving per DHS Secretary…and then the US downgraded Tsarnaev on a watchlist so that we did not know when he came back into the USA since the downgraded list does not give us that info!  Yes, downgraded ….so that we were sure to lose touch with him and get no more information about him.  How does this happen?



“….The Russian authorities informed the F.B.I. in March 2011 that Mr. Tsarnaev, an ethnic Chechen who had lived in the United States for about a decade, had changed drastically, had adopted extremist views and planned to travel to Russia to meet with underground groups….”