See the note below from FNC’s Griff Jenkins – he has a new hero! US Airways!


Hey Greta –


For all the traveling that we do – and the occasional headaches that come with it (this one self-inflicted) – I have to tell you about my HERO at US Airways today…


After having searched all weekend for my missing iPad, I finally arrived at the conclusion that I must have been so tired after the week in Boston that I left it on the plane last Weds. So I picked up the phone and called US Airways who connected me to the baggage office at Reagan National Airport.


Now let me be honest here – I had no expectation that they would actually have it after almost a week of having left it on the plane. To me, it was simply a formality of last ditch efforts to justify going out and buying a new one tomorrow.


But then again, I also didn’t realize that US Airways employee Danielle Priffer was not only on the case, but had figured out who it belonged to and had it ready for pick up. She asked me to identify it – which I did by noting the small FOX News sticker that covers up a crack underneath on the screen (honestly, I do love my iPad and do not abuse it). Then told me to call her once I was outside the passenger pick-up area and she would gladly bring it out to me. Now, my iPad and I are reconnected and ready for the next assignment.


So Danielle Priffer, thank you!


And to the management at US Airways, give this great woman a RAISE!