Let’s stop slapping Howie Kurtz

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You may have seen all the stories recently about Howie Kurtz.  Howie made a couple mistakes recently – one that is getting lots of current attention was about me and it was a doozy.   When I confronted his news organization about the mistake about me, Howie readily admitted the mistake, wrote a retraction and apologized to me.  He fell on the sword.  I accepted his apology.  He fixed it.  It is over.

Frankly, when journalists make mistakes — and even if about me — it makes me better at my work.  Of course I don’t like mistakes but mistakes remind me to be more careful that I don’t get careless.  No one died from Howie’s mistake about me.

Not one of us is perfect.  We all make mistakes.  I admire those who, once the mistake is identified, own up to it.  That enhances credibility in my mind.  I admire people who do that.

There are a lot of jerks who make mistakes, run for cover and never admit the mistakes nor apologize  nor fix them.

I admire Howie for the way he handled the mistake about me.

PS – I worked with Howie years ago when we were both at CNN.