Look who Secretary of State John Kerry is having lunch with today and find out about the “provocation pause” – click to find out

John Kerry

Below is an email from an FNC colleague with the info:

Secretary of State John Kerry will have lunch with Secretary Hagel today at the Pentagon. We are expecting a still photo from the wires. This will be Kerry’s first visit to the DoD as Secretary of State.


Pentagon Spokesman George Little says we are experiencing a “provocation pause” in North Korea, when asked if North Korea is still threatening to fire off missiles.


A senior defense official tells Fox News there has been a significant reduction of activity at the missile launch site. In the past few weeks the North Koreans were routinely exercising the equipment and in the past weekend there was no real activity. They haven’t moved the mobile missile launchers away from the site yet, but activity is seriously reduced.


On Syria and specifically comments from the UN about the use of chemical weapons, George [Little] read a press release sent out by the U.N. that walked back earlier comments suggesting the rebels may have used the sarin, not the regime. George [Little] said there is no information to suggest the rebels used chemical weapons or that they would use them.


“We strongly believe that if chemical weapons were used it would be by the regime.”


Little declined to comment on the Israeli airstrike into Syria.


Justin Fishel

Fox News Channel

Pentagon /State Dept. Producer