I don’t understand this blogger – what’s wrong with getting all the facts?

The reason Sean Smith’s Mother was in the Fox bureau is because she wants to find out what happened to her son at Benghazi.  She will appear on O’Reilly Factor at 8pm to put out the word – again – that she needs help, that she wants answers.    Earlier she was at CNN.

Of course she feels anguish and my heart bleeds for her.  First she lost her son to vicious terrorism, then she hears a ridiculous video story, and now she can’t find out what really happened and who did it. She feels betrayed by the fact that she doesn’t have the facts.

At the Dover ceremony where her sons remains were brought last September, President Obama and others specifically specifically PROMISED  her that they would find out what happened and get back to her.  They have not.  This is her only son.

Why would this blogger (see the posted comment) think the media is the one taking advantage of the women?  Because we put the spotlight on the fact that she is not getting answers?

Why doesn’t someone in the Obama Administration just call her up….and tell her what she wants to know?

Isn’t our government taking advantage of her, and worse, inflicting more pain on her by simply not telling her what happened?  Would you feel good about doing this to her?